7 Ways to Organize Your Bedroom

March 20, 2019


Happy first day of Spring and welcome to the SPRING CLEANING series!  The next few weeks, we will focus on organizing your life, transitioning to clean beauty products, and tips on wearing sustainable fashion!  This is the best time of year to start fresh.  Check out the full video above for how I organized my small bedroom (note did vertical video for IGTV, so check it out there too!

She's Red Haute small bedroom with grey walls and white bedding, natural vintage bed side stand

My move to Philly occurred very quickly last year.  My apartment, which was originally to be temporary,  is very small.  I had to maximize every inch of space to achieve a calm, blissful bedroom.  While Spring cleaning, I came up 7 Ways to Organize Your Bedroom! Follow these tips to optimize the aesthetics and functionality of your bedroom space:

she's red haute plants on white bed

(1) ADD PLANTS – This might seem like a premature step.  I find that when you add a plant or two, it boosts your motivation to make the rest of the space match the calm of added nature. I currently have two plants in my room (as shown above): a Spider plant and a Philodendron.  Check out great modern plants on The Sill.  Both of my plants purify the air and are high oxygen producers.  FUN FACT: the Spider plant is a common plant used by NASA on space missions because it produces so much oxygen!

she's red haute hats on wall organization

(2) HATS CAN BE WALL ART – To save on closet space, I aligned my hats on a wall as fashionable, artistic wall art .  Since I’m currently renting and can’t put any holes in the wall, I used Command Wire Hooks and white clips to keep them in place.  It’s fun to look at and great for an on-the-go hat choice!

she's red haute wood bed risers

(3) UNDER-BED STORAGE MADE CHIC – Small spaces call for under-bed storage.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to be 9 inches off the ground like in college!  Richard’s makes Stackable Wood Bed Lifters to match your decor. They come in a few different stains and allow you to choose how much height you need.  I snagged these on Amazon for just $20.

she's red haute small closet organization

(4) SMALL CLOSET ORGANIZATION – Small closets are obviously not dream closets, however if you live in a small apartment or in the city, this may be all you have to work with.  Fear not!  A few short tips will ensure you get the job organized neatly:

  1. Try ordering your clothing by color for a calming appeal
  2. Use the one color hanger for a tidy look
  3. Put your less-used shoes in storage containers and hang your everyday shoes  on the door with a shoe organizer.  Check out the ones I snagged from IKEA.
  4. Material shelves are a great way to display your pants, skirt, and tops. Be sure to get ones with sturdy bottoms to combat sagging.  Try this one from Wayfair.
  5. Find a laundry basket with a lid, like this one from IKEA.  It keeps the dirty laundry hidden and ensures that smells won’t permeate the rest of your clothes.
  6. Hang your belts on the door!  Simply hang them by width on the back of a closet door by using a door hanger for a structured look.
  7. When you don’t have a drawer set, try material boxes for your socks, bras, and underwear.  I have these ones from Target.

she's red haute white vanity organization

(5) KEEP YOUR BEAUTY PRODUCTS HIDDEN – For most of us, our beauty products take over either our bedrooms or bathrooms.  Hiding them, while keeping them readily available, is the easiest way to clean any space!  I accomplish this with a three drawer vanity (which I repurposed from a youth desk years ago) and a set of shelves….with a door. Each drawer contains my makeup, hair accessories, and hair tools.  The top shelves are for display items, such as sunglasses, makeup brushes, and cotton balls.  I find that having cute glass containers keeps everything orderly but easily accessible.  I got these at IKEA.

she's red haute jewelry organization

(6) KEEP YOUR JEWELRY ORGANIZED – Usually I’m on the go, so I currently have a plastic container which separates all my jewelry (like this one).  Inside of it, I have a smaller container for earrings.  While I would love to have a jewelry box to hold it all, I do not have the space for one, so for now, it works!  Plus it has a lid and is thin, so I can store it anywhere!  Aside from this storage, I keep the pieces that I wear more consistently on my vanity in a small plate and ring holder to keep them neat.

She's Red Haute - wood post modern bedside stand

(7) A BED SIDE STAND WITH STORAGE – When making the most of a small space, having a bed side stand with storage is key.  It gives you one more place to collect important trinkets, but keeps them out of sight so your room stays orderly.  Nick and I created this mid-century natural wood bedside stand to fit my exact needs. We used this video as our starting point for its construction.

Sometimes organizing all at once can get overwhelming.  Just take each of these steps one by one and you’ll be sure to have a decluttered and calming room in no time!  Be sure to check out the full video of how I put all these step into practice above or on IGTV!