How to Create a Two Minute Side Bun - She's Red Haute

The 2 Minute Side Bun

January 03, 2018

Redhead with braided side bun in green shirt

Due to my busy schedule, I don’t always have time to make sure my hair is perfectly curled or straigtened.  Often times, I need a quick on-the-go up-do to keep my long tresses out of my face.  This hair look only takes TWO MINUTES!!

What you’ll need: Hairspray or boosting spray for texture (so the pins stay in and for volume), a hair tie, and some bobby pins.

First: Part your hair to one side. Roll the side that has more hair to just behind the ear and pin into place.  Then roll the other side from the front, to around the back of your head, meeting the end of the other roll behind your ear.

Redhead rolleing the front of her hair in green shirt

Combine and secure both to one side of your head behind your ear.  Then braid!

Redhead braiding a side pony tail in green shirt

Wrap hair in circular motion around the hair tie, then pin into place.

Redhead creating and pinning a braided side bun

Sometimes, I add Loreal’s Boost It spray to give my hair a little texture, then I tease it for added volume.  The more you tease, the larger your bun will be, which is great for more formal occasions.

Redheaded girl using Loreal Boost It spray

I love the versatility of this look.  I have done this up-do for formal events as well as going to the gym to keep my hair out of my eyes.  Quick and easy.  Try it out!

Redhead girl Erin Leigh She's Red Haute with braided side bun

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