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A Redhead’s Shaving Guide

January 04, 2018

Coral Billy Shaving Blade with box and green candle

LADIES!!! You NEED to go check out Billy shaving blades… IMMEDIATELY!  Why am I so excited?  They are creating inexpensive razors FOR WOMEN!  I am so tired of mail-in razor companies marketing to men then adding women on as an afterthought.  The cool thing is YOU are in control.  You get to pick the color of your blade and the frequency in which you need them.  There are four sleek color options.  I chose the coral color to match my hair.

Coral Billy Blade in Box

The handle is very smooth but not slippery.  It also gives a great shave.  I have very sensitive skin and usually get a razor burn pretty fast.  The lotion around the blades gives a nice silky finish without being too goopy.  Definitely go check them out.  Their website is super fun, empowering and makes you feel proud to be a woman.

Billy Blade box

TRY IT: Billy Blades