Day and Night with Yasou Skin Care

February 16, 2018

Redheaded Girl on bed with Yasou Skin Care Day and Night Cream

My skin gets extremely dry and red during the winter, especially on windy days.  During fashion week, I have to drink lots of water and use the correct products to make sure that my skin is in top condition for shows and collaborations.  I recently started using Yasou Skin Care‘s Vegan Face Cream set and now I’m hooked! Read below for discount codes!

You only need the slightest bit of the Cellular Day Cream to get the job done.  It’s great for sensitive skin, like mine, because it’s over 99% natural.  The day cream also has another perk…it dries matte and almost acts as a natural primer!  I noticed that the best way to blend my foundation after using this product is with a foundation brush.  I’m normally a beauty blender kinda gal, but applying foundation with a brush after using this product gave me the perfect finish.

The Cell Renewal Night Cream, which is also over 99% natural, is even better.  It’s got a nice and thick consistency without being greasy.  When used with the day cream, you get fantastic anti-aging benefits which I have already started to notice, especially around my eyes!

The maker of Yasou is giving my followers an exclusive gift of 15% off if you use the code RED15!!  Click HERE for Day Cream and HERE for night cream so you can get your special 15% off discount!

Yasou Skin Care Day and Night Cream

Girl in towl with Yasou Skin Care product smiling

Yasou Skin Care Day and night cream

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