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Going Natural with Intended Cosmetics

March 06, 2018

Intended Cosmetics Scrub, Facial Cleansing Oil and eye serum on a towel

Do you enjoy natural face and body products?  I have severely dry skin, and so far, not much has worked to remedy this problem long term.  Recently,  you may have noticed that I have been testing out a bunch of natural products.  Luckily, I’m learning quickly how to remedy this dry skin issue.  Obviously, moisturizing will always be a key component, but glowing skin starts with how you cleanse! Also, keep reading for a promo code exclusively for my followers!

Intended Cosmetics has an entire line that is natural, plant-based and delicate on my dry, sensitive skin.  A few of their products really stand out and I have formed a new nightly regiment.

Products of Intended cosmetics being held by a redhead

+ First, I start with using their Salt of the Earth Sea Salt Body Scrub in the shower.  It moisturizes and exfoliates without being too harsh on my skin.

+ Then, after my shower, I go right to the sink and wash my face with their Facial Cleansing Oil.  I love it because it leaves my skin so soft, but it absorbs quickly, so my face doesn’t remain shiny.  It balances the natural oils on your skin flawlessly and works for all skin types.

+ Did you know that the skin around your eyes has smaller pores than the rest of your face?  Due to this, you need to have a moisturizer that is specifically created for around the eyes.  The Lift Up Nightly Eye Serum boosts and moisturizes the tender skin around the eyes by using cold pressed natural oils.  Additionally, I’ve noticed that it’s helping to lighten the dark circles around my eyes.

+ Lastly, I complete the routine with my  favorite product, the Believe Intense Moisturizing Whipped Cream! It’s light and silky soft with a clean, citrus aroma.

Intended cosmetics lavendar soap on tray

I also love their natural soaps, like the Lavender Oatmeal Soap.  I put it in my guest bathroom and I have received so many compliments about the calming smell.  Thankfully, it makes your hands feel smooth after use too!

Wanna try it?  Intended cosmetics is offering my followers an exclusive code for 20% off from now until April 1st!!! Type SHESRED20 at checkout to receive it! Don’t miss out!

Erin Leigh of She's Red haute laying on a bed with intended cosmetics

TRY IT OUT: Salt of the Earth Sea Salt Body Scrub, Facial Cleansing Oil, Lift Up Eye Night Serum, Believe Intense Moisturizing Whipped Cream, Lavender Oatmeal Soap

Photo Credit: Nicholas Lavella