February 19, 2020

Dictionary.com classifies the word TRENDING as, “Emerging as popular, widely mentioned or discussed on the internet, especially on social media websites.” Each season, the designers at New York Fashion Week put their hard work on the line. They hope that the people covering their show will not only help their new line flourish, but also be respected… and of course purchased. What these designers accomplish before and during the process deserves every audience applause by the end of the show.

As a member of the press at NYFW, I bring my point of view to each new collection walking down the runway… much like watching movie trailers at the theater, thinking a soft, “yes, I loved it” or “I’ll wait and rent it”. While I may adore certain styles vs. others that may not be in my wheelhouse, I respect every single artist putting their work on the line. Displaying their designs to people of all different backgrounds, personalities, and opinions!

Kelley Anne Gibson, of Sincerely K Blog, joined me for this fun NYFW experience! Check her out! Be sure to check out the video above, which includes exclusive redhead and designer interviews, sneak peaks of what’s on the runway, and a redhead makeup tutorial by the experts at Covergirl! Here is my runway style breakdown by designer:


Hakan Akkaya, Photos: Getty Images

I cannot elaborate enough about how Hakan Akkaya‘s work just gets to me. Last year, I was first introduced to his designs when I attended his Glam Rock Collection. It completely opened my eyes to how glitz, studs, and high shoulders could empower both the women in his show, as well as the women watching. This year, I was astounded by his Justice Collection, showcasing how Amish meets punk. It proved how you can make simplistic pieces that still make women feel strong and empowered. Personally, I loved his use of strong, sharp edges which brought power to each individual piece.


Left to Right: Fraqair, Emma Altman, Ohhmiaa, Di Vencenzo

If you don’t know Flying Solo, LOOK IT UP! It’s a new era for female creatives!! The initiative, who’s flagship stores resides in Soho, promotes over 45 independent designers! Clears throat… again… LOOK IT UP! I was baffled by the incredible designs and craftsmanship! I had the pleasure of sitting front row at both their Ready To Wear and Couture shows. Personal favorites included the use of texture of Fraqair, the play of color in Emma Altman‘s “Clash”, the incredible prints by Ohhmiaa, and the fringe… I repeat… THE FRINGE, by Di Vencenzo. My absolute favorite designs of the night were IZA by Silvia D’ Avila. WHEN I TELL YOU!!!!! She mixes architecture with modern art to create extremely bold, unique, metal pieces that would make anyone feel confident!


Just In XX

Justin You-Ying Chou stole my heart this week with his Just In XX “Double Imprint” Collection. Influenced by the contemporary art of Tsong Pu, his designs are created with subtle matrix structures within the threading and print. I adored the bold colors utilized as well. One of my favorite parts of his show was that he chose an abundance of redhead models to walk. Most shows, you will maybe see one redhead…if that. It made me really appreciate his line, in that I was able to “see myself” in the pieces that were showcased. Thank you Justin! PS: Check out my exclusive interview with Redhead model Quincy, who walked in the show, in the video above!


Jewelry: Angela Clark, Clothing: Butterscotch Castle

Last year, I created a whole series on why Wearing Sustainable Fashion is important to implement in your wardrobe. Educating ourselves is the most important aspect. This is exactly what Sustainable NYFW accomplishes. Before every show, the designers sit and talk about how their designs are eco-friendly. I had the pleasure of seeing the Angela Clark and Butterscotch Castle show. Angela repurposes vintage pieces to create new jewelry, and the Butterscotch Castle brand up-cycles recycled shirts!


Left: Gigi Wang, Center: WooLeeX, Right: Arlo Studio. Photos: Provided by GFC

Personally, I adore getting to view styles from so many different cultures. The Global Fashion Collective shows are the perfect way to get a multi-designer view of inspirations from around the world. My favorites were the hues and silk finishes from the Gigi Wang collection, the black and white modern prints of the WooLeeX line, and the mix of practicality and femininity of the Arlo Studio’s collection. Thanks to Emily, Founder of EB Consults Worldwide, for the amazing seats, for being so welcoming, and for treating us with such respect!


I truly enjoyed the sleek, modern, yet feminine tones of the Tibi Past, Present, Future Fall/Winter 2020 collection. My personal favorite were the shoes and handbags! They have designed beautiful accessories.


Left: Justin Haynes of Jus10H, Bottom Right: Covergirl Beauty Expert Angel Talwar

What is NYFW without a VIP party? I had an amazing time at the VIP COVERGIRL NYFW Designer Popup, at their flagship store in Times Square! I received a fun makeover from Covergirl Beauty Expert, Angel Talwar, and also got to drink, dance, and shop! Interviewing the featured designer, Justin Haynes of Jus10H, was the highlight of the night. His new collection is inspired by the classic denim fashions of the 60’s and 70’s. Keeping sustainability in mind, he crafted the material from recycled denim to create new pieces! Check out the full interview in the video above (interview and Covergirl experience starting at 6:20). Thanks to fellow redhead, Melissa, Co-Founder of Fashion Mingle, and Dee, Founder of DCG PR!

Thank you to all the PR companies (The Bromley Group, EB Consults Worldwide, HL Group, Agentry PR, The Riviere Agency, Fashion Mingle, and DCG Public Relations) for the invites and to all the designers for bringing their art to the table! Be sure to stay tuned next week to learn what inspired my personal looks for NYFW. See you next season!