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Wearing Sustainable Fashion

April 04, 2019


Searching for sustainable and ethical fashion brands can be tough.  But these brands are out there and they are yearning to make a difference!  I found it important to research and educate myself on brands and the materials they use.  Alternative Apparel is a sustainable fashion brand I 100% recommend!

Be sure to check out the full video and learn how to style one dress three ways above and on IGTV!

Erin Leigh of She's Red Haute wearing Alternative Apparel's Midi dress

Thankfully, Alternative Apparel has taken a responsibility to be eco-friendly and has put an importance on fair labor practices.  Their materials are unbelievably soft, and their prices won’t break the bank! Let’s take a closer look:

ECO-PACKAGING: This brand starts the sustainability journey with their packaging.  Surprisingly, their mailers are all oxo-biodegradable!  Think about it, how many online orders do you purchase?  How many mailers do you throw in the trash?  Annually, they conserve 2,100 trees, 400 cubic yards of landfill, 860k gallons of water and 120 tons of CO2.  It really adds up throughout the year!

Erin Leigh of She's Red haute wearing Alternative Apparel sitting in front of the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia

GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY: Alternative apparel takes pride that most of their factories are WRAP-certified, which means their manufacturers are independently monitored by the International Labor Organization. They certify compliance with standards to ensure that sewn products are being produced under lawful, humane and ethical conditions.  Also, their manufacturers adhere to Fair Labor Association guidelines & workplace code of conduct.

ECO-MATERIALS: In their fabrics, they use organic cotton instead of conventional cotton.  Even more exciting, they use post consumer recycled polyester.  This means your clothing is made from recycled plastic bottles!  Astonishingly, they use approximately 1.8M recycled bottles in their fabrics for their Alternative Eco line!  Additionally, they use low impact dyes, reclaimed water and biodegradable fabric softeners.

Erin Leigh of She's Red Haute wearing Alternative Apparel

MY LOOK: I chose to style three pieces, all based around their Long Sleeve Eco-Jersey Midi Dress.  It is super comfortable with a modern look by itself.  But, this ensemble is easily transformed into a fun, Spring weekend look by adding a cute belt to raise the hemline. Plus you can add their Dropped Shoulder Vintage Heavy Knit Pullover to create another sporty look!  I also styled this midi into a work outfit using their smoke blue Organic Cotton Stevie Wrap.  Check out all three looks in the video above or on IGTV!

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