Keeping my Red Haute Hands Warm with Isotoner - She's Red Haute

Red Haute Hands

January 01, 2018

Redhead wearing red with red isotoner gloves on head

Small fact about me: I cannot stand being cold.  Yesterday it was 10 degrees… NOPE!  My extremities always get the coldest during these winter months.  I feel like most gloves, no matter how pretty, just never have enough warmth.  During the frigid weather, I rely on my Isotoner Fleece Gloves.

Red Isotoner gloves

They have two layers of warmth.  The inner layer is a fuzzy soft material and the outer layer is a thick fleece.  There’s also a little leather for gripping on the palms and two fingers and they are smarTouch, so you can easily use your phone.  I’m all about the vibrant red and it’s all over the runway for the season.  Don’t let people tell you that redheads can’t wear red… all lies!

Redhead girl peeking through fingers wearing all red

Red Sweater, red nail polsih, red gloves

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