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SEVEN Hair Care is a Game Changer

February 26, 2019

Erin Leigh of She's Red Haute holding Seven Hair Care's Kente Bond Shampoo and playing with red hair

Obviously, as a redhead, taking care of my hair is of the utmost importance.  I mean, I run a redhead fashion blog…so I have to keep my locks healthy.  One of my 2019 resolutions was to start using more clean products, due to my hair and face getting very sensitive in the last few years.  I’m trying to cut back on harmful chemicals and support brands that are more eco-friendly.  I began this journey with SEVEN Hair Care.

Back in mid-January I started using their products.  I wanted to test them for about a month to give an honest review.  I am 100% happy that I tried these products.  THEY ARE A GAME CHANGER!!!!!  I have very straight very dry hair that breaks and splits very easily.  There was a noticeable difference in the texture and strength of my hair.  I have separated my evaluation into two categories: 1) The Clean and Green Details of SEVEN Hair Care, and 2) My Thoughts on each product.

Seven Hair Care's Bond system, she's red haute


  • SLS and SLES free
  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty free
  • Certified American Made Beauty product.
  • All SEVEN Hair Care products promote environmentally friendly manufacturing using aspects such as solar energy and utilizing water saving filtration systems



Overall Products: I love how SEVEN Hair Care’s products have a clean smell without being overpowering.  Also, these products are completely worth their reasonable pricing.  When it comes to texture, the creams don’t feel greasy, the sprays don’t leave a coarseness, and the in-shower products are light and don’t leave any unwanted film.

KENTE Bond System – This system is contrived of a shampoo, conditioner and reparative spray.  I noticed a difference in my hair within a week!  My hair was lighter, stronger, and even my ends felt less “stringy”.  Usually, I have the flattest hair without product.  Volumizing products usually leave my hair feeling coarse.  I saw a significant difference in the added body without adding a grainy texture or coarseness.  After a month of use, my hair feels better than it has in the last two years!

side by side of Erin Leigh of she's red haute using Seven hair care's reparative spray and style cream on red hair for a she's red haute blog

After showering, with the Kente Bond Shampoo and Conditioner, I use the reparative spray on my damp hair, to help prevent against future damage.  For an added perk, it also helps decrease blow dry time.  Then I head onto the styling products!

Side by side of SEVEN Hair Care's Style cream and heat protectant spray, She's Red Haute

SATARA Style Cream – I use the SATARA Style Cream on my damp hair before I blow-dry.  It fortifies your hair with a medium hold to add shine and volume.  It’s a great pre-style blowout cream that doesn’t make your hair feel coarse or weighed down.

RINZU Heat Defense Spray – This is possibly my favorite of the SEVEN Hair Care styling products.  Usually, I style my hair with a curling iron to make a beachy wave, or I use a straightener to refine my naturally straight hair.  Obviously, adding heat is terrible for your hair.  I have noticed a huge difference using the RINZU Heat Defense Spray.  It’s one of the first thermal protectants that doesn’t make my hair feel greasy.  This is a HUGE WIN!  It’s also backed with winning a 2018 Readers’ Choice Award.

Side by side photo of Seven Hair care's Diamond Serum and a few different products, she's red haute

GAZAR Diamond Serum – What is a good styling without a little sparkle?  The best part about this serum is it doesn’t leave your hair greasy.  I was actually surprised because it has a pretty thick consistency.  I add it to my ends first (they are always the dullest due to past dryness) then work my way up.  It’s a perfect finish!

SEVEN Hair Care has products that fit many different hair types. They also have a great color protect line for my redhead loves who hit the salon to get their radiant color.  I’m telling you…and I repeat… A GAME CHANGER!

FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: KENTE Bond System, RINZU Heat Defense Spray, GAZAR Diamond Serum