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Silver & Gold Metals Go To Sheer Miracle

September 28, 2018

Sheer Miracle Mineral Makeup She's Red Haute


Between New York Fashion Week, traveling to visit home, and starting rehearsals for a show in Jersey, I have been running around like crazy.  While at Fashion Week, I started applying Sheer Miracle products.  Their products are natural and hypoallergenic, which is good cause I have been trying to take extra care of my sensitive face. Runner up favorite: WIDE AWAKE Dark Circle Eliminator.  Gold metal winner: Sheer Miracle’s REDNESS REDUCERS!!!

Sheer Miracle Mineral Makeup She's Red Haute Wide Awake Dark circle Eliminator

Usually, I have extremely dark circles under my eyes (which my mother calls my Pop-Pop eyes, since my grandfather has dark under eyes), but when I get tired, they are 10X worse! Reasons I like the WIDE AWAKE Dark Circle Eliminator:

  1. It’s a light peach, which is perfect for my super pale skin tone as a redhead. Most of the under eye concealers I have tried have been a darker orange, which looks ridiculous when you have the whitest redhead skin known to man.  Trust me, even if you have a great foundation, it’s not covering bright orange!
  2. It’s light and doesn’t feel cakey!  My biggest annoyance with most under-eye makeup products is that they get caught in the little lines of my inner eye.  Sheer Miracle is light & silky, which blends nicely on my skin with either a brush or a blender.
  3. A little goes a LONG way.  You only need a slight amount to get the job done.  It makes the product last so much longer!
  4. GREAT COVERAGE!   I noticed a significant difference with vs without this under eye helper.  It made me look refreshed! I used my foundation first, then applied WIDE AWAKE, and lastly covered it with my lighter concealer as I was contouring.  Try it out!

Sheer Miracle Mineral Makeup She's Red Haute Hide the Red

LEGIT though…. if you have not tried Sheer Miracles Redness Reducers, you NEED to get in on this!! HIDE THE RED and GREEN LOOSE Redness color correctors are HANDS DOWN my favorite product I have tried all year!  Unfortunately, I have always had a hard time covering my blemishes.  Sadly, no green colored product has ever done the trick.  So, I was not enthused about trying the samples I received.  Boy, was I wrong!  Actually, I like both when used together.  I find that the best coverage comes from this process:

  1. Apply foundation
  2. Apply HIDE THE RED cream based color corrector.  This acts as an initial coverage for those pesky blemishes.  Use a concealer brush, not your finger!
  3. Apply GREEN LOOSE mineral color corrector.  I found that if you dab just a little of the mineral powder corrector over the cream base, it locks both redness concealers into place!
  4. Apply your normal concealer.  To cover both green layers, pat your normal concealer over the green layers with a brush or blender.

Trust me! Try it!

Sheer Miracle Mineral Makeup She's Red Haute

Sheer Miracle also has amazing mineral foundations with SPF, which is perfect for our redhead skin!  One of the best things about Sheer Miracle is that you can purchase samples of their products.  Personally, I think this shows a sign of integrity on the company’s end.  Plus, you can make sure the product works well with your skin on your end.

USE CODE: SHESREDHAUTE for $5 off $18 or More!  Check out videos about the products on my Instagram Highlights!

Mineral Foundation Sheer Miracle Mineral Makeup She's Red Haute

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