Why Wear Sunscreen in the Winter?

March 04, 2019


Erin Leigh of She's Red Haute standing in snow wearing green coat

Most redheads are aware that although the warmth of Spring and Summer are absent, sunscreen is just as important in the winter.  When it comes to your face, the bitter air can have a harsh effect on the fragile skin that is left uncovered.  Finding the proper product for winter is key!  But why wear sunscreen in the winter?  There are a few great reasons:

Snow and Ice Reflect UV Rays  –  Similar to how you can burn easily when swimming in a pool, the sun reflects off the water onto your skin.  In the winter, you can be surrounded by snow and ice, which has the same effect.  Basically, it’s like laying in the yard with a vintage sun reflector from the 60’s.

Blond over tanned woman from the 60's using a tan reflector

Winter is Rough on the Skin  –   Cold wind and dry air results in skin being chapped over the winter.  Without the proper hydration and protection, your face will undoubtably take on a reddish hue and crack due to dryness.  Sunscreen creates a guarded barrier against these effects.   Like an umbrella for your face!

Baby with red face from cold and snow

Unfortunately, when it’s chilly outside, you don’t feel the sun’s cruel rays.  I kid you not, I was a Philadelphia Eagles game toward the end of the season where it was 38 degrees and SUNNY.  The sun was beating on us for a good portion of the game and my face got burnt!

However, I understand if you don’t want to feel greasy or smell like a pina colada all winter.  While Pina Colada’s are delicious, this is a valid complaint.

Coola Sport Classic Sunscreen on scarf She's Red Haute

I recommend using Coola Sun Care’s Classic Sunscreen.  It’s super thin and dries quickly.  I didn’t believe it at first since it is SPF 50, which is usually super thick.  But after I tested it for two weeks, I am a firm believer.  Also, you can try it in a clean White Tea scent... so bye bye coconut smell!  Some of their other sunscreen products also come in a fresh cucumber scent or you can go unscented.  A great winter perk: it’s also a moisturizer!  It protects and keeps your skin from drying out.   I recommend using it under your foundation.

This year, I have been making it a priority to use more natural products on my sensitive face.  What I love most about the Coola sunscreen is that it is certified organic and endorsed by the American Lifeguard Association!  It’s non-GMO, Vegan certified, and gluten and cruelty free!  Plus, it’s TSA size approved… so when you take that mid-winter island getaway, it can travel with you!

Coola Sunscreen in snow

No one wants a leathery face in 20 years due to lack of care year round.  Be good to yourself and keep those rays protected from your face!

Stay Healthy: Coola Sunscreen